Getting Started

Your “Zero Embarrassment” Free Taster Session

1. Most importantly we’re in a very discreet setting in St Georges Street, Kemp Town, with frosted windows and very few people around, so you can relax and be confident that no-one is watching you! We promise that we won’t weigh you, criticise your current level of fitness or measure your BMI (body mass index). The most important thing is you and your ease, comfort and confidence.

2. You can dress in comfortable clothing as you may break a sweat (but you don’t have to) because we aim to keep the room cool and comfortable during your session.

3. The taster session will consist of 4 or 5 exercises, including 2-3 exercises using the unique ARX FIT which is designed to work within your limits so we are totally confident that you will succeed. You will get the opportunity to try our workout and really get the feel for what the Mint Fitness sessions and ethos are all about. If you are hesitant about your current level of fitness, you can relax, because we will never push you too hard. Some people believe they need to be fit before starting a personal training program. This is not the case, you can start our program at any level with confidence.

4. We recommend not eating anything 2 -3 hours prior to the session. It’s a good idea to replenish with a protein-rich meal 30 minutes – 1 hour following the workout.

5. After your taster session, we will discuss with you the next steps including current health and fitness goals, and look at structuring your upcoming training programme.

What to Expect

The goal of our personal training program is to bring out the best version of you. Probably the most noticeable improvement will be your level of strength. Our focus on a ‘progressive overload’ system, each week we will encourage you to improve on a previous performance. Alongside this improvement in strength, you can expect to feel much fitter.

When you combine both our training program with our healthy eating and lifestyle tips, you will notice physical changes. This includes increased muscle tone, an improved shape, reduced waistline, ‘tighter’ feeling muscles in your arms, bum, legs, chest. Changes to both your workouts, diet and lifestyle will contribute to many health improvements. These may include improved blood work (cholesterol, blood sugar) a reduction in blood pressure readings, better appetite control, improved energy levels, less anxiety / depressed feelings, better sleep, improved confidence.

You will notice that after a few months of training, you will actually start to want to train more often. This is a bit like giving someone a brand new car, they don’t want to leave it in the garage! We still suggest training 1-2 sessions per week with us, but you may find yourself going on longer walks, bike rides or just being generally more active.

Achieve your best body in just 30 minutes per week